A few weeks my friend Annalisa Colasanto thought of writing me to design the logo of this fabulous group (I listened to an unreleased song and I guarantee you that I had not heard anything so overwhelming up to a few years now).

“The style is modern,” American “and the 5 components are very different from each other: one part is reserved, lives in the shadow of the rhythm, finds solutions but represents the backbone of the group. The other party experiences new things, it is instinctive and flashy.

These two souls live at the same time and create a (formal) contrast ”.

The basic concept is to invite everyone (including themselves) to regain possession of real reality and detach from the virtual. A connection with music.

Five friends connected in life and music, but offline from the problems and stress around them.

Mirko Molitierno – Guitar and Voice

Marco De Gennaro – Piano, Synth and Moog

Francesco Galatro – Electric Bass

Stefano De Rosa – Drums

Gerardo Palumbo – Percussion