Bagni trentatre arises from the need to partially redevelop the Salerno coast, creating a luxurious and elegant environment for all budgets.

SPACE – FUNCTIONAL tables presentation – From the first analyzes it appears that the coast is sandy and with the presence of tourist facilities along the beach.

Low coast with residential settlements and discrete urbanization along the coast.

Large agricultural areas towards the interior.

Mouth of the second reclamation canal.

The urban wastewater of the Municipality of Pontecagnano Faiano is conveyed to the inter-municipal purification plant of the biological type with activated sludge located in the Municipality of Salerno via A. De Luca, 8, delivering into the Picentino river.

1. In the immediate vicinity of the sampling point: surface watercourse at the height of the villa called “Acqua mare casa Maldone”. Coordinates N 40.61513 ° E 014.85152 °;

2. Second reclamation channel;

3. at the S9 lifting station with emergency overflow serving the system. The overflow structure consists of a pipeline that opens towards the sea at coordinates 33 T 487 378.98 m E – 4496083.62 m N.

The place appears completely abandoned to itself, with obvious gaps in the safety, management and maintenance of the territory.